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Can anyone help!!! 


My SNL is having a baby but the problem is we have family all over the country so getting everyone to travel to her would be impossible. I thought it would be fun to have a cyber shower but can not find any information on how to implement the idea.


I am open to all ideas short of buying tickets for everyone to fly to the event.






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Comment by Susan "The Shower Diva" on February 14, 2011 at 11:50pm

Hello Autumn,

This is the perfect place for you to celebrate your shower! Cyber speaking. Invite your hostess to become part of 

Create your guest list 

Import it under the MY DIVA PAGE

Create an event (private) so that only you and your guests will see it

Have everyone chat and upload photos and videos to this site. 

Play games by uploading photos of your own (your hostess can do this with baby bottle "guess how many jelly beans in the jar" or she can send out pdfs of word games to all of your guests and they can guess the answers one at a time. 

Truly though they want to interact with you.

Favors can be sent cyber-space as well. A gift card or even a pdf created that states "Thank you for coming!" something lovely.

We do this all of the time for our clients. It's a wonderful way to share the love on a budget through the internet when money is tight and our families and friends are spread out throughout the US and World.

I was invited to host the first "world's biggest baby shower" by Nickelodeon's Parents Connect in Dec 09 and it was such a success that they've grown over the past year with so many celebrity guests. It's a great way to connect. Obviously you'll do this on a much smaller scale, but definitely you'll want this to be about THE LOVE, and connecting with those who love YOU.

Happy Showering!

Susan "The Shower Diva"

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