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Comment by Habsah61 on October 25, 2009 at 9:14am
Well, I am agree with you Pamela. You got experience already.
Ok. second son is 21 years and my daughter is 17 years....but I have to listen to them cos I don't want unhappy ending. Here we know our kids behavior and we doesn't know our second time. Hope you understand on what I mean. Actually, I always think more than twice.
Comment by Pamela on October 22, 2009 at 9:46am
Habsah, every child is different but if they see you happy I think they will turn around my sons are older and are very supportive all they want is to see me happy and I am sure your kids all of them will support any decision, I think age makes a difference in there decisions and how they feel and support you. I hope yours turn around, I am sure they will
Comment by Lura "The Communications Diva" on October 21, 2009 at 8:29pm
Habsah, that's a tough situation. How old is your second son and how old is your daughter? I think different ages handle this differently and require a different approach. Also, do your children say why they disagree with you marrying?
Comment by Habsah61 on October 17, 2009 at 3:30pm
I like to join this discussion about the second time, well, as you know that I am a single mother of 5 kids and I have admirers. The problems is that my kids...only my second son and my daughter disagree me to have second time marriage.
Comment by Lura "The Communications Diva" on September 23, 2009 at 3:11am
Co-Ed Wedding Showers are also known as Jack and Jill Showers. No longer are showers the sole domain of women! These days, grooms and their friends and family are often included. Of course, a co-ed shower calls for a co-ed theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking in the right direction:

• Hobby Shower: This is excellent for couples who already have a fully stocked home. Instead of traditional household items, have the couple register for gifts related to their favorite hobbies – especially if they have hobbies in common.

• Honeymoon Shower: Decorate with their honeymoon destination in mind and have the honeymooners-to-be register for travel-related gifts.

A co-ed shower is not an appropriate time for gifts, games, or entertainment of a sexual nature. It’s one thing to receive a sexy surprise when you’re among girl friends but another thing altogether when your groom’s friends and family are in the room! Yikes!

Find lots of great cost-effective wedding favor ideas at and there are lots of other shower ideas at
Comment by Pamela on September 7, 2009 at 6:36pm
I am a second time around bride his first one of our showers will include him as well any good suggestions that include males. Also if you have any wedding favor Ideas please let me know we are paying for this ourselves and need budget friendly ideas thanks
Comment by Susan "The Shower Diva" on April 26, 2009 at 7:30pm
Hi Jennifer!

I'd like to suggest hiring a professional photographer, someone who specializes in weddings or portraits. Have your husband rent his tuxedo again (not just his suit). It'll be worth it for your memory album. Twenty, thirty, forty years from now when you're looking back you'll not want to see a suit taken by a friend who does photos (unless of course she specializes in what I suggested).

Memories are forever, but as we grow older, those brain cells do go so photographs are a great way to help us remember!! I love Lura's suggestion.
Comment by Jennifer Smalander on April 23, 2009 at 12:13pm
Hi! No, I unfortunately did not have a bridal shower. I do not have any family here in Oregon which makes it hard to have any kind of event like that. We also live in a small 2 bedroom apartment and do not have room for anything, so I didn't really want anything. Most people who came to the wedding got us Gift Cards which was perfect because we can use those when we want and they don't take up room :)

People have suggested that we have pictures done after the wedding, but he had to return the tux. I guess he could wear a nice suit. I have a friend who does photography (mostly senior photos) in her back yard (she has a gorgeous yard) and I might call her to see if she can do some pictures of us there. I would like to have a nice photograph of us to hang on our wall.
Comment by Lura "The Communications Diva" on April 23, 2009 at 1:28am
You make a good point. My philosophy is, "after all is said and done and you get back from the honeymoon, you'll have two things left: the rings and the photographs. So, that's where you're wise to spend some money."

Still, there's nothing that says you can't put the dress and tux back on and have some nice couples shots taken by a professional photographer. That's how it used to be done in our Grandparents day. It would at least give you some nice portraits to hang in your house, etc.

Glad the rest of the wedding was fun and you enjoyed yourself.

Did you have a shower? The reason I'm asking is because a lot of second-time Brides have alternative showers. They usually have all their household gear, so they'll opt for something different, like a "stock the bar" shower or "charitable giving" shower. Did you do anything like that? Any tips to share?
Comment by Jennifer Smalander on April 23, 2009 at 12:29am
Hi there, I'm married for the second time and I'm going to be 40 this year. We paid for our own wedding ourselves, so we did things as inexpensively as possible. One thing I regret, however, is I did not hire a professional photographer. I had friends take pictures, and I was not satisfied with how they came out. I wish I had spent the extra money to hire a photographer. Otherwise, the wedding turned out great and everyone had fun!

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